SWAPIE– Job Description

BestTop Career Fair 2019



 Product Management & Marketing Intern 





 The intern will be a key member of an early team of an early start-up. Among other aspects of work, moving fast and juggling 10 things at one time is a key ‘job scope’. 


  1. Plan, strategize, and execute product roadmaps for the company’s web product 

  2. Solicit user feedback to suggest and advise potential product improvements 

  3. Drive product usage by measuring against industry-standard performance metrics 

  4. Revise, iterate, and improve product development and product marketing plans 

  5. Generate and retain traffic, users, customers across all marketing channels 

  6. Create innovative and fresh content to attract and engage users in accordance with our brand outlook and value propositions 






 Above all, regardless of your technical ability, we value an open mind, keen attitude to learn, and never-say-die tenacity. Don’t know how to code? Learn it. Taking 2 hours to run a report? Google how to cut it to 10 minutes. Honestly, we don’t give two hoots about your straight A’s. 


  1. Understanding of how digital products work, or at least observant of such 

  2. Strong knowledge of best practices in tech and knack for applying them for results 

  3. Analytical, ruthless, and results-driven; monolingual in numbers 

  4. Creative and innovative in natures, loves learning and thinking fast 

  5. Prior experience in UI/UX (digital products), web development in JavaScript or similar environments, Adobe CS, and advanced MS Office (VBA, etc.) are good-to-haves 

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